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  • Google Advertising Tools: Cashing in with AdSense, AdWords, and the Google APIs by Harold Davis. Companion website for Harold’s book about Google AdSense and Google AdWords, with examples, resources, links, source code and more.
  • Business and Investing: Getting venture funding, selling your business, technology investing, mortgage rates and real estate investing
  • Google Research: Software, resources, and source code related to Google, web research, and working with the Google APIs
  • The Natural Way to Write: Anyone can learn to be a better writer using this system
  • Photoshop and Digital Photography: Tips and techniques for getting the most out of Photoshop and your digital camera
  • C# Programming: The basics of the C# language, classes, OOP, interfaces, events, and more
  • Wi-Fi and Wireless Networking: Learn about wirless network security, use the directories to find hotspots

Configuring Your Wi-Fi Network (PDF)

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High Risk Pregnancy Blog: The latest news and medical research about high risk pregnancy

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  • Mechanista: Photographs of typewriters and calculators; collecting antique machines of grace and beauty
  • Digital Field Guide: Digital Photography: Digital photography by Harold Davis: examples: techniques: companion site for book: Flickr API site
  • Syndication Viewer: View up-to-date feeds on the Web about news, researching, the Internet, and more, along with FAQs including information about RSS, Atom, googol the number, and Google the company
  • Featured Feeds: the best of the best syndication: Editor choice syndication feeds that are fun, interesting, and useful, rotated regularly along with a convenient Web viewer
  • High-Risk Pregnancy: Everything you need to know to successfully manage your high-risk pregnancy
  • Bearhome: Our family site, with pictures of the kids!
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